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Sasha is a child that never grew, in other words she’s an artist. Her early career days started with some good old melted chocolates against her mother’s favorite white wallpaper. However, no spanking in the world would make her change her mind about this career choice. 


 Born in 1991, in a small town in Belarus, Sasha quickly became known as master of all trades when it came to different art styles. Anything from poetry and storytelling to water color and chalk. It was no surprise that her first friendship ended over the fact that somebody couldn’t stay within the lines of a colouring book. This event was so devastating, that she has packed her bags along with her mom and flew all the way to Vancouver, Canada. Where she continued practicing her skills while adding new flavour to the style rack- digital painting and photography. This new direction made Sasha more aware of the perspective and composition in play. Having years of experience in Photoshop lead her to discover gif making and from there she’s transitioned into animation. 

 Graduated with a degree in Classical Animation from Vancouver Film School, Sasha put more emphasis on the magic of making still art come to life while still maintaining powerful and catchy storytelling. Witty, goal driven and spontaneous is what her friends would call her if they still had her number and learnt to colour within the lines.  

 Being in Sasha’s presence is never a dull moment. Her imagination is like a YouTube home page- always ready to share content, whether you like it or not. Sasha is here to remind everyone that people are not 1 dimensional. You can be a doctor by day and a party animal by night, a parent and a kid, a construction worker and an anime lover. No matter how different we all present ourselves in social light, deep down there's a freak in all of us. Sasha is here to lift the veil of bland reality and bring a bit of spice and peculiarity into your life and inspire you to embrace your weird side.

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